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Overhaul & upgrade Bipel presses

Overhaul and upgrade of two Bipel press combinations, consisting of three 50 ton presses.

About the Client

The client is a major seal manufacturer for the automotive industry located in the Netherlands.

Business problem

Both presses had several functioning problems, which made the control so hard that there was only one operator that could work with the machine. Besides the difficulty, the safety of the machine was an issue. Furthermore, the client had the desire for more traceability and data logging for closer process monitoring.

The Challenge

Modification of the presses required challenges in the different fields of the technique; such as hydraulics, mechanics, electronics, programming and vacuum techniques.

The client desired complete unburdening and therefore organization from start, disconnecting on location, to finish, commissioning of the system and employee training.

Our solution

Complete in house overhaul of the entire system after the CE-standard, including new hydraulic supply unit, hydraulic control system, pneumatic control system, coated frame work and PLC S7 control system. The customer process has been pre-programmed with TiaPortal software application.

Results & Benefits

Both presses were delivered as plug and play systems. Production capacity has gone up and for all products that are produced with the presses, production parameters and conditions can be traced. Both systems are in accordance with the European standard for presses NEN-EN-693+A2.

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Cees Gootjes BSc
Head Engineering Department
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