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Umstellung hydraulischer Pressen nach CE-Norm

Conversion of two American hydraulic presses to the European standard

About the Client

The client is a major industrial consultancy company located in the Netherlands. The end client is a global leader in the chemical industry with multiple locations all over the world.

Business problem

Both hydraulic presses were American made and used in test facilities over sees. The end client needed to deploy them in the Netherlands and therefore required conversion to the CE standards. Furthermore, the presses were in stock for a long period of time and had to be upgraded to the necessary specification and brought back into operation.

The Challenge

Both presses needed several modifications to meet the European requirements. The mechanical and hydraulic modifications are not be underestimated, but the real challenge was the electrical and software modification. It turned out to be impossible to modify the software, so that the process would meet CE-standards.

Our solution

Together with our client and the end customer we performed the risk assessments (FMEDA). Hydraulic and mechanical systems were modified, using new sensorics and mechanical safety measures. The complete hardware and software have been replaced by a Siemens S7 PLC, on which client processes have been programmed in TiaPortal. Furthermore, hydraulic components were overhauled to increase there durability. Finally, we installed and commissioned the presses at our end client location.

Results & Benefits

Both systems met the performance level in accordance with the European standard for presses NEN-EN-693+A2. With the new software the process data can be logged.

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